Transforming electronic
interconnect for the
Chiplet Era

10X thinking. It’s all about fresh perspectives and powerful solutions. Deca, inspired by Greek déka (δέκα), was established over a decade ago to deliver order-of-magnitude breakthroughs (10X improvements) in the way the world creates advanced electronic devices.

Our Technology

Our flagship product, M-Series™, is a rugged, fully molded fan-out wafer-level package (FOWLP) that provides exceptional reliability and quality; all in a miniaturized format. The award-winning M-Series™ FX has been designed into diverse high-volume mobile applications around the globe delivering record setting product performance. Multiple licensees provide a robust supply chain of this new emerging standard for advanced fan-out technology.

Solutions for You

Through divestiture of our manufacturing operations in early 2020, we transformed Deca into a pure-play technology provider. Industry leaders engage with us to create an open innovation network from product design, with leading EDA tools through high-volume production at top-tier foundries. Semiconductor producers can select multiple proven paths to realize new products in record time. Foundry service providers can access our Adaptive Patterning® and M-Series technologies through technology transfer and license agreements (TTLAs). Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can join the AP Live Network through technology supply and license agreements (TLSAs) providing certified AP Connect functionality across all essential process steps to their end-users.

Introducing AP Live

AP Live, the next generation of Adaptive Patterning®, provides unparalleled performance, design capabilities, ease of implementation, and equipment integration in a simplified architecture for rapid implementation. Whether using the new cloud-based AP Live solution or implementing an on-site enterprise architecture, AP Live delivers the same proven high-volume production solution. Key equipment OEMs within the AP Live Network are excited to provide demonstration capabilities through the AP Live cloud for semiconductor producers, foundries and other potential Adaptive Patterning® users.