About Us

Deca was born of a passion to transform the way the world builds advanced electronic devices. In our first decade, our 10X thinking brought to life exciting breakthroughs for leading mobile semiconductor companies. From initial applications in traditional semiconductor packaging, to the growth of chiplets and heterogeneous integration, we have created key foundational building blocks for the future.

Our world class investors, including Infineon, Qualcomm, ASE, nepes and SunPower, are respected industry leaders who provide us with the strength and visibility to create an entirely new model.

Our Vision

Expand What’s Possible

Our Mission

Deliver comprehensive electronic interconnect technology,  empowering customers to turn ideas into products

Commitment to DEI

Individuality Creates Opportunity

  • We believe diversity drives innovation
  • We actively seek understanding and inclusion of all
  • We promote open exchange of ideas
  • We elevate employees through continuous growth and freedom to shine