March 15, 2021

Deca Technologies has been nominated for the 2021 3DInCites Herb Reiter Design Tool Provider of the Year award.

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In 2020, Deca introduced Design During Manufacturing (DDM) capabilities to support its licensees and partners in implementing Adaptive Patterning™ (AP). AP Live, a cloud-based solution that eliminates the need for dedicated on-site hardware and software, allows customers to gain early access to AP and experience its power for improving yield, scaling technologies, reducing cost and enhancing performance.

To effectively implement AP Live, Deca created a complete ecosystem comprising three components including AP Studio, AP Connect, and AP Engine. AP Studio is integrated into EDA partner software to provide a best-in-class design environment for heterogeneous integration, SIP and chiplets.

AP Engine efficiently performs real-time design on every package as it flows through the manufacturing process. AP Connect software is integrated directly into high-volume manufacturing equipment, so it connects with AP Studio design systems and the AP Engine to make tools AP-ready. When it’s time for high-volume production, the same AP Live system is proven ready for on-site deployment, without any change to the interface or results.

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