AP Live

The next generation of Adaptive Patterning®, AP Live, provides unparalleled performance, design capabilities, ease of implementation, and equipment integration.

AP Studio

Our innovative design system for Adaptive Patterning®, AP Studio, is integrated with industry-leading EDA software from our partners to provide a best-in-class design environment for heterogeneous integration, system-in-package (SIP) and even the most advanced chiplet-based designs with 2µm pitch lines and four metal layers. Novel Adaptive Patterning® Design Kits (APDKs) provide comprehensive design guides, design rulesets, DRC decks, data-flow automation, and multiple Adaptive Patterning® techniques including:

  • Adaptive alignment
  • Adaptive routing
  • Multi-mode adaptive patterning
  • Adaptive vias

AP Engine

At the heart of Design-During-Manufacturing (DDM) is the AP Engine, efficiently performing real-time design on every package as it flows through the manufacturing process.

Getting started with the latest generation of AP Engine is simpler than ever with the new AP Live cloud-based Adaptive Patterning® solution. With high-performance computing resources available around the world, the cloud-based solution delivers a secure, reliable, and scalable implementation of Adaptive Patterning® without dedicated on-premise servers or networking. For our enterprise customers, we also offer on-site installations to meet their most demanding requirements.

AP Connect

The AP Live suite fully embraces the equipment backbone of the manufacturing process through the new AP Connect program. Leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are partnering with us through the AP Live Network to integrate AP Connect software directly into proven high-volume manufacturing equipment. With integration to the AP Studio design systems and AP Engine, AP Connect ensures equipment is ready for Adaptive Patterning® from day one.

AP Live is an Adaptive Patterning® product suite.

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