Tempe, Ariz.—September 1, 2016—Deca Technologies, a wafer level electronic interconnect solutions provider to the semiconductor industry, announced today the receipt of an additional $51.5 million investment from a leading electronics company. Combined with the previously announced investment from ASE of $60 million, and following the repurchase of $20.6 million of shares held by Cypress Semiconductor Corp., Deca will have approximately $90.8 million to be directed toward development of increased capacity for its M-Series™ Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) and general corporate purposes. ASE and Deca have also consummated a technology transfer and license agreement whereby ASE will install M-Series™ capacity in its fab in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and the parties will cooperate to scale the technology.

“Since the birth of our company, we’ve worked to create breakthrough capabilities aimed at transforming electronic interconnect,” said Tim Olson, Founder and CTO, Deca Technologies. “M-Series™ with Adaptive Patterning™ delivers a series of innovations in FOWLP including panel specific real-time design, dynamic lithography and CAD-driven automated optical inspection all within a rugged molded structure. M-Series™ is ideal for extreme miniaturization in next-generation, high-density multi-chip and System-In-Package (SIP) applications, while delivering a highly cost-effective single die packaging solution today. M-Series™ FOWLP with Adaptive Patterning™ is now positioned for significant growth.”

According to market research firm TechSearch International Inc., FOWLP is expected to grow into a $2 billion market by 2019 fueled by Smartphone and IoT applications. The significant FOWLP market opportunity has driven multiple companies to pursue various panel formats as a means to reduce cost. With the industry’s current wafer-fab-based equipment sets however, scaling is not straightforward.

Inspired by SunPower’s solar fab manufacturing methodology, Deca’s fab infrastructure, referred to as the ‘Autoline,’ enables the reduction of capital costs and manufacturing cycle times through utilization of a largely non-traditional equipment supply chain. Adaptive Patterning™ technology extends critical savings to the chip-attach process where 100% design yield can be maintained with high-speed chip-placement equipment. With its initial capability to process 200mm and 300mm wafer-level chip-scale packaging (WLCSP), the Autoline has been expanded to cover the FOWLP process flow. Leveraging years of experience on WLCSP, the Autoline will now pave the way for high-volume FOWLP manufacturing.

“This investment will make Deca’s manufacturing site one of the most advanced semiconductor facilities in the industry, providing a platform for significant growth,” said Garry Pycroft, VP Sales and Marketing, Deca Technologies. “In addition, our customers have responded favorably with ASE as an additional source to satisfy their end customers’ supply chain demands.”

About M-Series™

Deca Technologies’ M-Series™ uses a FOWLP approach in which singulated semiconductor devices are embedded within molding compound to create a reconstituted wafer. Interconnect traces are “fanned out” through redistribution layers to create a miniaturized area-array packaging solution. M-Series utilizes Deca’s proprietary Adaptive Patterning™ technology to ensure perfect alignment of each silicon IC to the redistributed interconnect layers.

About Deca Technologies

Founded in 2009, Deca Technologies is an electronic interconnect solutions provider offering Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) services to the semiconductor

industry. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona with high volume manufacturing in Asia, Deca is an independent subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY). Deca’s mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience through its proprietary and transformative electronic interconnect technology. Integrating its solar and semiconductor background, Deca leverages unique equipment, processes and operational methods to break down traditional barriers in the continued adoption and growth of next-generation wafer-level electronic interconnect. For more information, please visit www.decatechnologies.com.

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