Adaptive Patterning™: Design During Manufacturing

At Deca, we believe physical variation in manufacturing is an opportunity, not something to eliminate at any cost.

Our groundbreaking Adaptive Patterning® technology liberates designers and manufacturers from the constraints of fixed photomasks that must account for all variation upfront. As a product moves through the manufacturing process, Adaptive Patterning® customizes each lithographic layer on a device-by-device basis to ensure the highest possible yield.

Fine Pitch Interconnect with Confidence

Unlike traditional mask-based lithography and design systems, Adaptive Patterning® effortlessly accounts for die-shift in fan-out wafer-level (FOWLP) or panel-level (PLP) processes. As via sizes, line widths, and line spaces scale even finer, perfect alignment is imperative. By combining a high-speed and accurate optical position inspection with a scalable computing cluster, Adaptive Patterning® generates a bespoke layout for each individual device that compensates for measured positional error. Further, our built-in real-time design rule checking (DRC) guarantees a successful result. After each pattern is generated, it is swiftly converted into digital exposure data for implementation with maskless photolithography equipment. Our robust software systems handle up to 2.8 terabytes of digital exposure data per panel, every minute non-stop.

Multi-Die Integration at Any Complexity

From mass-market internet-of-things (IoT) to high-performance processors for data centers, Adaptive Patterning® provides the solution for multi-die integration at any level. In a classical manufacturing process, as more die are integrated, the combined impact on yield becomes undesirable. Our Adaptive Routing system combines perfect alignment with real-time dynamic auto-routing to meet the challenges of combining two die in a system in package (SiP) up to nine die with tens of thousands of high-frequency connections.

Non-stop Innovation

We are pushing the boundaries with Adaptive Patterning® technology and continuously introduce innovative new techniques. With the launch of our new AP Live Network, encompassing our partners in manufacturing, equipment, and EDA software, we are moving faster than ever.

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