Deca’s M-Series™: Fan-out for the Chiplet Era

The market is calling—it’s time to put chiplets on your roadmap. With M-Series and Adaptive Patterning®, the barriers to chips-first, high-density fan-out disappear. Scaling to finer features and higher levels of integration are constrained only by your imagination.

First-generation M-Series FX changed the game in leading mobile applications around the world. When you implement this rugged, fully molded fan-out wafer-level package (FOWLP) technology into your product, you realize powerful performance advantages including:

  • Breakthrough board-level reliability
  • Unprecedented WLP end-customer quality
  • Exceptional electrical performance
  • Strong ambient light blockage
  • Extreme miniaturization

2.5 billion units

powering leading smartphones

100% improvement

in board level reliability

99.9% yield

in high volume production

M-Series: The basics

The M-Series structure includes at least five sides of device encapsulation, including the active semiconductor region. Sensitive device structures are protected and isolated from board-level stresses with the electronic molding compound (EMC) buffer layer. M-Series provides customers a platform for both fan-out and protected fan-in product applications.

Next Generation M-Series: Ideal for Heterogenous Integration

The planar M-Series fan-out surface is ideal for building highly integrated fan-out SoC (System on Chip) structures. Scaling to 2µm lines and multi-layer redistribution layers (RDL) provides powerful new possibilities for IC designers partitioning silicon functional blocks. Chiplets can now be fabricated in the optimum wafer fab technology node providing the best performance with the most desirable commercial terms.

In combination with Adaptive Patterning®, design rules for M-Series provide the largest via contacts on the smallest chip interconnects. Sensitive analog devices enjoy unprecedented electrical performance setting a new industry benchmark across all leading competitive fan-out offerings. From initial broad acceptance in mobile applications, M-Series is now being designed into high-performance computing (HPC), advanced networking, artificial intelligence (AI), and edge computing applications.

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