Tempe, Ariz.—November 7, 2012—Deca Technologies, an electronic interconnect solutions provider to the semiconductor industry, today announced the introduction of the new M-Series™ CSP product line featuring Adaptive Patterning™. M-Series is a rugged, fully molded packaging technology that provides popular ball grid array (BGA) style formats while eliminating the need for laminate substrates. Adaptive Patterning is a technology that dynamically creates and implements a unique design for each device during the manufacturing process to adapt for the typical die shift associated with embedded device packaging.

One year ago, Deca Technologies (Deca) announced its unique wafer level processes, inspired by SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR), and the first technology application on wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP). Today, Deca adds the M-Series platform of embedded die packaging as the second major product offering. M-Series offers semiconductor designers and system architects a high-performance, cost-effective, miniaturized packaging solution.

“Industry response to the speed, value and flexibility of Deca’s unique capabilities on our initial offering of WLCSP has been very strong. Multiple customers are in production and many more are undergoing qualification,” commented Tim Olson, president and CEO, Deca Technologies. “However, where WLCSP doesn’t fit the application, M-Series and our revolutionary Adaptive Patterning technology step in to provide a unique solution.”

Adaptive Patterning is Deca’s proprietary design and patterning process that allows features such as vias and redistribution traces to dynamically align to shifting die within an embedded device structure. Through the unique integration of a fixed design pattern with an adaptive region, the methodology resembles the characteristics of classic wirebonding, yet is realized through a wafer-level build-up flow. With the addition of a dimensional inspection step and processing through our automated design software, Deca is able to create a unique design for every device within a molded panel, thereby removing the classic barrier of a cost-effective embedded flow.

Deca is currently sampling M-Series to a limited set of customers with broader availability planned for 2013.

About Deca Technologies

Founded in 2009 and launched in November 2011, Deca Technologies is an electronic interconnect solutions provider offering wafer level packaging (WLP) services to the semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Tempe, AZ and with global capabilities, Deca is a majority-owned and fully independent subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY). Deca’s mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience through its proprietary and transformative interconnect technology.

Integrating its solar and semiconductor background, Deca leverages unique equipment, processes and operational methods to break down traditional barriers in the continued adoption and growth of next generation wafer level electronic interconnect.

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