March 2014

In a report issued by KPMG, the Global Semiconductor Alliance and the Consumer Electronics Association, survey results revealed that two-thirds of integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers currently expect to derive 80% of their revenue from consumer electronics in the next five years. However, the report also showed that new consumer products themselves achieve a faster time-to-market than the IC devices required for them to function. As such, IC manufacturers must find new ways to design, fabricate and deliver products faster, and at a competitive price.

Deca Technologies introduced a breakthrough solution to these challenges in November 2011 with a new approach inspired by SunPower Corporation’s unique solar wafer fabrication methods. Founded upon 10X thinking, Deca strives to deliver the industry an order-of-magnitude cycle time reduction for new products, unprecedented flexibility in design and manufacturing as well as leadership, and cost-of-ownership (CoO).

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