Welcome to Deca Technologies, or Deca, as we’re known in the industry.  Our name emanates from our culture of 10X thinking originating from Greek déka (δέκα) which powers our vision to ‘Expand what’s Possible.’

Our 10X thinking has brought to life exciting breakthroughs with M-Series™ fan-out technology and the Adaptive Patterning® real-time EDA ecosystem. 

In 2016, Qualcomm and ASE invested in Deca accelerating our growth.  We simultaneously entered into our first TTLA (technology transfer & licensing agreement) with ASE to create substantial manufacturing capacity.

In 2020, Deca transitioned into a pure-play technology development and licensing company as we sold our factory assets to nepes corporation in South Korea as well as entered into our second TTLA for nepes to build the industry’s first 600mm large panel M-Series factory.   Deca maintains a close relationship with nepes which gives us important access to our previous factory assets for continuing development.

High volume production factories in Taiwan, Philippines and Korea now supply multiple devices with Deca’s technology into nearly all leading Smartphones around the world. 

In November 2021, Deca was free of past exclusivity restrictions allowing us to significantly grow our future customer base.  SkyWater Technology became our third TTLA technology partner with plans to implement Deca’s latest generation of technology in the USA just south of Orlando, Florida.

While achieving a dominant position in mobile electronics, Deca’s technology is now being designed into multiple new market applications including Artificial Intelligence, CPU, GPU, FPGA and networking.

Deca has won numerous industry awards for our technology and for our company culture where we believe individuality creates opportunities as we emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion.

Deca has recently been recognized as the #1 independent provider of advanced packaging technology.  All of us here at Deca are working hard to maintain and grow our industry leadership position.

Tim Olson, Founder & CEO

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