November 17, 2011

Two weeks ago, wearing my Chip Scale Review Sr. technical editor hat, I attended (along with 11 other journalists) an exclusive press conference launching a new electronic interconnect company, Deca Technologies, which claims to have developed disruptive manufacturing processes based on its sister company, SunPower’s, solar cell wafer processes, rather than traditional semiconductor manufacturing processes, that reportedly result in a drastic reduction in cycle time and cost, and offers unprecedented design-to-product flexibility.

The company’s first products are fan-in wafer-level chip scale packages, and what’s on the drawing board next could be very exciting for 3D technologies.  According to the company’s CEO Tim Olson, the company is working to develop silicon substrates at a much reduced cost of ownership (CoO), which could in turn, drastically reduce the CoO for manufacturing TSV interposers, thereby opening the door to HVM for 2.5D and 3D interposer technologies.

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