Deca Technologies: Transforming Electronic Interconnect

At Deca, our 10X thinking led to the creation of two powerful technology families with broad industry adoption:

M-Series™ Fan-out

M-Series: The Future is Fan-Out

The market is calling—it’s time to put chiplets on your roadmap. With M-Series and Adaptive Patterning, the barriers to chips-first, high-density fan-out disappear. Scaling to ever finer features and higher levels of integration are constrained only by your imagination.

Adaptive Patterning®

Adaptive Patterning®: Design During Manufacturing

Our groundbreaking Adaptive Patterning® technology liberates designers and manufacturers from the constraints of fixed photomasks that must account for all variation upfront. As a product moves through the manufacturing process, Adaptive Patterning® customizes each lithographic layer on a device-by-device basis to ensure the highest possible yield.