Published as a chapter in: Embedded and Fan-Out Wafer and Panel Level Packaging Technologies for Advanced Application Spaces: High Performance Compute and System-in-Package

Authors: Benedict San Jose, Cliff Sandstrom, Jan Kellar, Craig Bishop, Tim Olson

Editors: Beth Keser, Steffen Krohnert

Chapter Abstract: This chapter describes the features of M-Series as a chip-first face-up fan-out wafer-level packaging (FO-WLP) technology that provides several important reliability and manufacturing benefits compared to traditional WLP and conventional fan-out packaging technologies. The key bill of material for the FO-WLP is the granular epoxy molding compound. In summarizing the market, front-end chip and system scaling will continue to require new creative breakthroughs in chiplets and heterogeneous integration, which continue to drive strong interest in advanced fan-out technologies such as M-Series with adaptive patterning (AP). In combination with AP, the design rules for M-Series provide the largest via contacts on the smallest chip interconnects. This is also described in this chapter. A detailed description of AP and how it supports high-density applications are also provided. The chapter describes scaling of M-Series for high-density integration.

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